Well there went 2017

So here we are at the end of 2017. Not sure where that one went, really.

So what was achieved?

  • The blog finally got transitioned to Chyrp lite. Chyrp, the old system, was decommissioned a while ago.
  • I finally got email working on the mswalker.im domain. I can now be reached at !ma!rk@mswalker.im Remove the !s
  • I did some work on an in-memory database-style program. Mostly just some analysis work. There's a lot more to do (obviously) before it is roadworthy!
  • AltexaBackup got a whole range of new code. From the job creation wizard (ooh, shiny), to the Volume Shadow Copy code, to lots and lots of other stuff. Even the logging subsystem got a look at, and that's one of the pieces which hasn't changed over the last five years or so. (It's a very lightweight, yet robust, message-based system - the logging is done in a whole other process, so isn't impacted by anything).
  • I've also been doing a lot of thinking about different software development options. These have been shown on the blog, a little. I expect that in 2018, I'll do some 'real work' along those lines. Unless there's something good on telly, of course. (/joke)
  • Oh, and I bought a car. I expect that one only impacts me of course, getting to my day job.

Anyway....enjoy the New Year celebrations.