Progress (20190110)

Quick update. Translations for the following modules are done into French (including of course the modifications in the modules to use the translations):

  • Restore (even though this module is not 'finished'
  • ABLocal (save to a local directory)
  • ABS3 (save to amazon S3)
  • ABFTP (save to an ftp site)

I want to make changes to the translation system to have this handled by configdll, right now each module will have its own copy of all the translation texts, which is not ideal. It won't make any difference to the API interface from the caller, though, which is great.

I've also updated the copyright texts in all modules' build configuration to 2019, fixed a couple of cosmetic bugs I found in those (this is stuff I haven't really looked at for ages). Also made a post-build tool file. And discovered that the service module doesn't have a build file, and the trayicon module needs some work.

I now have a fairly good idea of exactly what is in an unfinished state, as well as the functionalities I need to implement. Since this is a glorified TODO list, I'm working through it slowly, but real progress is being made.