After several months offline (changing internet service providers is not usually a good move...) we're back online

The backup software has made serious progress - backup and restore can now be done flawlessly, either archive or copy, to a local drive

FTP, S3 etc need to be tested

OneDrive and other cloud providers (box, etc) can be added easily

Improved the user interface for the storage providers with better descriptions, icons etc. Basically the DLL can now provide more comprehensive info to the user

If the dlls for backup and storage are all in teh same directory (as they are when I'm testing), then only the appropriate type (backup engine or storage engine) will be shown, depending on the action being done in the main gui (job create or restore, etc) This was a big pain for me, am happy to have it done

I think I'll polish what currently exists and release it as-is, which will allow me to work on more stuff later. Otherwise it'll never get released

The imdb project is on hold. I have had no real time to work on this

My raspberry pi 2 has finally been installed. I purchased a tontec 3.5" lcd screen for it, and it now boots directly into X, logs in automatically, and runs a flip clock application in fullscreen on boot. So my raspberry is a somewhat expensive flip clock...

But I have plans for it for later (backup-related, of course)

My next project for it will be making the OS reside on an iSCSI target (my QNAP), which involves rebuilding the kernel (yay!). I'll look at that over the weekend maybe