AltexaBackup - Progress

Well it's been a while again. But I have actually been doing stuff behind the scenes. The backend DLL handling stuff is now a lot cleaner and doesn't load and unload DLLs all the time. The backup wizard is now much more pretty-er. The job handling code is much nicer, and foolproof. Logging is better too. The whole system will now compile and run properly for 64-bit as well as 32-bit Windows. Oh, and this:

Yes, Volume Shadow Copy creating is now working. On W10/8.1/7 in 32-bit and 64-bit mode.

It needs to be integrated into the worker (or I might actually do a separate .exe, it depends).

The only annoying thing is that when you use VSS on 64-bit Windows, you need to make 64-bit VSS calls, so you can't compile the application as a 32-bit application, because VSS just won't work. Putting the VSS stuff in a separate exe would keep the codebase cleaner, smaller, and easier to understand - and would allow the 32-bit app to run on 64-bit windows. I imagine that most users won't actually care about this detail, but hey, that's how it goes.