Spent a very busy weekend, but am happy with the results

Have added some new features to the system, such as the 'first run' wizard shown below:

I've also added a fair bit of user interface improvements.  For example, the list of engines available, which used to look like this when creating a new job: looks like this in the new wizard (and soon to be improved in the main job creation wizard too) :

Note how engines can now have an icon (simply a resource in the dll with type of Bitmap and name of ICON).  The version and copyright are read dynamically from the dll too.

This information and UI improvements can of course be reused elsewhere:

There's a way to go before I can call this application 'pretty', but it's an improvement!

Incidentally the code behind all of this is a lot more modular too, which considerably less dependencies, so I can reuse it just about anywhere.  Of course, it's all generic too, depending very little on what the dll is 'capable' of.

Oh, one small detail - backups can now handle empty directories (previously the backup was of files, the directories were only attributes of the file).  Still need to handle the directories in the restore process, but the information is saved.  

Getting there...