Altexa Backup : Password Storage

(Back to working on AltexaBackup - and quite some progress has been made)

One of the most complex things to do when storing credentials (think, ftp, or website credentials), is to figure out how to save them in such a way that a piece of software which needs them can get access, but someone snooping around on a computer can't.

Of course, AltexaBackup's ftp storage engine (amongst others) needs to save credentials, so i had to find a nice way of doing this.

Luckily, Windows provides a "Credential Manager" (I'd never heard of it either). You can call the credential API to save the password, and windows will save it. You can then see that a password is saved in the Control Panel. The process which saved the password can read it back. You can't get at it otherwise.


Now to do Volume Shadow Copy in a proper way (not a wrapper around vshadow, like the revious version of Altexa Backup used to). More on that later