Altexa Backup : getting there

It looks like things are coming together on the Altexa Backup side. I now have the main application (the gui), a restore gui (which is just the restore page spun out into a separate app, in case the user needs one), the backup worker (background program), dlls for copy & archive backup, and storage engines for local, s3 and ftp backups. Plus a tray icon app, and (since yesterday) a backup service application, allowing for backups even when no user is logged-on, or when they are, all on a timer.

Made an installer yesterday (thanks to Inno Setup) too.

Will be installing everything on a separate PC to check that it all works as expected. It certainly is getting closer to what I was aiming for.

Added some routines to the config code - backup engines & storage engines can now save data straight to the program's config (currently a simple .ini file, but that's all abstracted away, so I can change it if I need to later). Individual engines can't walk on each other's feet though, so to speak - even if they need to use the same config "key", the program takes care of everything so that values can't be overwritten from a different module.

I could do to do some refactoring in the dll handling unit, though. This unit holds all the prototypes for all the different routines found in the different dlls - config, backup & storage. The unit is getting fairly huge and more than a little unwieldy.

Also could do to to some refactoring of module names and .exe names. The initial name of the program was 'backup 2012' (yeah, it's taken me that long to get to where I am today), and there are still some references to '2012' in the code. All of that needs to be removed, and parameterized anyways, if I want to make a 'white brand' copy.

I'll finish up the new website, then put up a beta for real-world tests, probably some time over the summer.