AGC - Adventure Game Creator

Back in 1996, using apparently Delphi V1 or 2, I wrote an adventure game creator program, called AGC.

It was a blatant rip-off of the PAW by Gilsoft, and I'd like to apologise to Tim for massacring his software in this way!

Today, I came across the backup floppy I had of the original program, and so I'm putting it up here for posterity.

If you run 'project.exe', you'll get a reasonable (I think) version of the original PAW demonstration game, in the park. As I recall, even things like the bird semi-autonomously moving and so on, used to work.

If you decide to have a play, beware - it was written in 1996, and according to the about page, it is only version 0.2, so god only knows what happens when you press some of the buttons.

You can get it here